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By Jackie

Our upcoming book, Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain, contains exactly 83 patient success stories. Before the first words for the book were ever written, the authors and I (as the editor and overall organizer) knew we wanted to feature patient stories in the book. We wanted readers to learn about us not just through our words and perspective, but through the eyes and experiences of our patients.

As we contemplated how many stories to include, we quickly realized our problem would be including too many stories. With over 250 babies born or currently expected, and hundreds of patients who have had success with chronic pain and dysfunction, how would we choose which stories to include?

We started by choosing the stories that were pivotal in the development of Clear Passage – such as the first patients ever treated for blocked fallopian tubes or patients that led our therapists to discover key treatment techniques or that treatment could help treat a certain condition. We then contacted these patients and asked if they would write their stories. For patients that were too busy, we offered to interview them, write their stories, and send it to them for approval. In the case of patients we could not contact (some patients were originally treated over 20 years ago), we spoke with all treating therapists, reviewed the patient’s charts, and created a concise synopsis of their treatment from the Clear Passage perspective.

To provide a greater sampling of people’s experiences with our treatment, I then contacted equal amounts of patients with different conditions. Many patients chose to write their stories and we lightly edited for grammar or sometimes for length. Some patients chose to be interviewed. I handled the majority of patients who asked to be interviewed and I had a wonderful time speaking with them. In a typical interview with a woman who previously experienced infertility, I asked the following main questions:

  • When did your struggle with infertility begin and how did it affect you?
  • What treatments did you pursue and were they successful?
  • What led you to Clear Passage?
  • What was treatment like for you?
  • Did you notice any differences after treatment?
  • How did you become pregnant after treatment?
  • How is your life now, __ years after treatment?
  • What would you recommend to other women who face infertility?

I then used their responses, along with insight from the physical therapists who treated them, to write their stories. Afterward, I passed the story to the patient for edits, additions, and overall accuracy.

By the end of the process of contacting patients, the book was brimming. We have stories about every condition we treat, including hormonal infertility (see Naturalist Finds Success after Hormonal Infertility), blocked fallopian tubes (see 7 years Infertile with Two Blocked Tubes), endometriosis (see Through the Fertility Ringer), sexual dysfunction, and pre-IVF therapy (see Successful IVF at age 43). The stories themselves could comprise an entire book! On this blog I have tried to share synopses of these stories, but the full versions are only found in the book. To receive free e-chapters from our upcoming book, sign-up for our newsletters.