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Questions to Ask When Considering Infertility Treatment

Infertility Questions

Between ever-changing success rate statistics and your feelings about the journey that got you there, choosing and committing to a fertility treatment can be overwhelming. Fortunately, your fertility doctor is a valuable resource available to you throughout your journey. As you evaluate the pros and cons of a particular fertility treatment, be sure to ask your fertility specialist(s) the following questions. It is important that you have all of the necessary knowledge for you and your partner to make an informed decision. Are there are any possible long-term risks? These include increased risk of birth defects, premature birth and low... […]

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Increase Your Chances of IVF Success

Woman with pregnancy test

From the economic cost to the potential emotional and psychological impacts, there is a lot riding on the success of IVF for couples that choose this type of fertility treatment. What can you do to improve your chances of a successful transfer? Here are some things you can do while getting ready for IVF, as well as during the actual process. Use fresh embryos instead of frozen ones if possible. Frozen embryos tend to be less expensive and less invasive for a woman because superovulation (drug-induced production of multiple eggs) and egg retrieval is not needed. However, Mayo Clinic reports... […]

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Clear Passage Helped This Couple

Following a positive diagnosis of a hydrosalpinx by HSG, this couple traveled to Clear Passage’s National Headquarters in Gainesville, Florida in search of a less invasive treatment for their infertility. Watch their story in the clip above to hear how they eventually overcame their infertility struggles. What Exactly is A Hydrosalpinx? A hydrosalpinx is a collection of watery fluid within the fallopian tube, usually as a result of damage at the distal (far) end of the tube, near the ovary. It not only renders the affected tube(s) totally ineffective, it may also lessen the effectiveness of various infertility treatments (e.g. in vitro... […]

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Hope After Seven Years of Infertility

Natural Pregnancy After Seven Years of Infertility- Jennifer’s Story My husband and I attempted unsuccessfully to get pregnant from the very beginning. Upon attending Clear Passage Physical Therapy, I had been married for six years. I come from a large family with five siblings, including a twin sister. I love being from a large family, so I have always wanted many children. My husband has three siblings and feels the same way. We married just a week shy of my 30th birthday, so we started working on a family right away. Early in our marriage, I suffered from discomfort and... […]

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Fourth Times a Charm

Natural Pregnancy After Three Unsuccessful IVFs – Faith’s Story After trying to conceive for over a year, I started down the path of infertility treatments. I was 35 years old and the doctors reminded me that I was getting “old.” I started with IUI treatments (two), but when both failed the doctors told me I should start IVF treatments. I had my first IVF and had three embryos transferred. A few months later, I started experiencing a lot of pain. I went to the hospital and the doctor discovered one of the embryos had implanted in my right tube causing... […]

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