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Program Information and Costs

Therapy costs vary widely; you must ask, “What level of service am I getting?” Services such as ice, heat, electrical modalities and group sessions where therapists oversee several patients at a time cost less than hands-on services performed one-on-one in a private treatment room.

We provide highly specialized physical therapy (PT) services. Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals with advanced university degrees in their profession. In the U.S., they are licensed by the state to treat pain and dysfunction, non-surgically.

Clear Passage certified therapists average over 26 years of experience in manual physio/physical therapy. They provide a unique treatment (the Wurn Technique®) that has earned the respect of many fine physicians (see Researchers and Advisors). This therapy represents a unique compilation of advanced manual therapy techniques, combined with techniques we have developed and researched since 1989. We began developing our work as a therapy to treat complex chronic pain patients – those who could not find relief elsewhere. When several women became pregnant despite a diagnosis of infertility, we began to develop protocols for infertility patients. Once we started opening blocked fallopian tubes, it was not a far stretch to start treating blocked intestines or small bowel obstruction. Our results have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. We treat infertile women, as well as male and female chronic pain and bowel obstruction patients from around the world.

Your Treatment Package. 1. World-class therapy, featured in medical journals and endorsed by respected physicians. 2. Evaluation and treatment by a certified expert therapist. 3. Up to four hours of one-on-one care per day in a relaxing, healing environment. 4. Helpful resources that follow you after therapy, including: Exercise Guide, Digestive Health Guide, Unlimited follow-up consultations, Self-treatment training instructions for maintenance after you return home.Many try to compare us with massage therapy. We do not provide massage therapy, and it is important to recognize that the Wurn Technique is not massage. Our work is a very specialized, site-specific manual therapy designed to address the adhesions that cause pain and dysfunction. Over 20+ years of study, research, and development of manual therapy techniques, we have significant expertise in the anatomy, function and treatment of the entire body, including post-surgical scars, chronic low back pain, severe recurring headaches, and female reproductive and abdominopelvic conditions.

Neither massage nor any other pelvic therapy has published results proving effectiveness treating adhesions and infertility. We are presently developing data for publication of our work with small bowel obstruction. Only the Wurn Technique has been shown in medical studies and citations to:

  • decrease adhesions
  • improve natural pregnancy rates
  • improve IVF success rate
  • open blocked fallopian tubes (with live births)
  • open hydrosalpinx (with live births)
  • decrease endometriosis pain
  • significantly decrease intercourse pain, and
  • improve sexual function



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By Belinda Wurn, PT, National Director of Services, Physical Therapist at Clear Passage Physical Therapy - Gainesville, Florida Area




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