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Bowel Obstruction Support ForumOur therapists have been treating patients with bowel obstructions and other serious conditions for two decades. By treating adhesions – which are a primary cause of bowel obstructions – we help decrease pain, and improve function and quality of life.

When speaking with our therapists, many of these patients feel they are living in isolation – alone in their plight. Facing the decision of having another surgery to remove abdominal adhesions or accepting a life of chronic pain, most were surprised and disheartened by the lack of a dedicated support forum on the Internet to which they could turn. Many felt isolated and hopeless, with no support group they could connect with to share information and tips about treatment options, diet and concerns about their conditions.

Recognizing the need for this online resource, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Bowel Obstruction Support Forum on our website. Clear Passage founder Belinda Wurn, PT and three former patients will moderate and contribute to the forum.

To access the forum, visit www.clearpassage.com/forums. You can read and respond to messages without setting up an account. If you choose to create an account, you will enjoy the ability to complete a member profile, and subscribe to receive email updates when other members reply to discussions you are following.

If you know someone who suffers pain or concerns from adhesions or bowel obstructions, please share this link with them and encourage them to visit the forum. Whether they simply read others’ posts or contribute to the discussions regularly, they will find it to be a helpful and informative resource.