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Clear Passage Physical Therapy, World Leader in Natural Treatment for Pain and Infertility, Announces New Company Web site

Clear Passage Physical Therapy, founding company of the Wurn Technique® for the treatment of female infertility, and adhesion pain and dysfunction, announces the redesign of its website, www. clearpassage.com.

GAINESVILLE, FL – August 25, 2010 – Clear Passage Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The website, www.clearpassage.com, has a fresh new design, reorganized navigation, and new features, including:

Podcasts with streaming and downloadable episodes from Hands that Heal, interviews with the developers of the Wurn Technique

Educational eBooks  and videos on treating female infertility, small bowel obstruction, endometriosis pain, post-surgical pain and adhesions, and much more

Free pdf book chapters from the Wurns’ book Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain

Social media connections and sharing capability

New informational pages for the Wurn Technique® and its treatment of Myomectomy Pain, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Chronic Neck Pain, Hysterectomy Pain, and Post-Mastectomy Pain

“The motivation behind this update was to provide an educational resource to the public on an alternative therapy for treating adhesion-related conditions, some of which were only thought treatable by surgery,” said Ashlynn Northcutt, Media Correspondent for Clear Passage Physical Therapy. The content-rich pages of this Web site provide a wealth of information to people searching for an effective natural treatment, or an alternative to drugs and surgery. In addition to therapy for women’s health conditions (female infertility, endometriosis, menstrual, and intercourse pain), the website now highlights other areas in which Clear Passage has seen success with men, women, and children.

The new home page design focuses on Clear Passage’s mission with the phrase, “We Treat, We Train, We Test.” Northcutt says, “Dedication to treating patients with the highest quality care, training skilled and reputable therapists in the Wurn Technique®, and conducting valid research to quantify the results of the therapy are the three pillars of Clear Passage.” These pillars will be employed as Clear Passage expands nationally by training and certifying physical therapists in major metropolitan areas.  The national expansion will provide more locations for patients who travel from across the country and around the world for this unique physical therapy.

For more information, contact Clear Passage Physical Therapy at www.clearpassage.com or at 352.336.1433.