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Meet the Therapist

michellePlease join us in welcoming Michelle Sturman, PT to the Clear Passage team! A brilliant therapist, Michelle comes to us with two decades of experience. For many years before becoming certified in the Wurn Technique and Clear Passage Approach, she specialized in treating chronic pain associated with the pelvic floor, spine and extremities.

Michelle finds great joy in working with Clear Passage patients, including those with chronic pain or facing life-threatening bowel obstructions and women struggling with infertility. She enjoys using her hands to help her patients overcome these conditions and achieve their goals.

Michelle co-directs the Clear Passage location in Metro San Diego with her husband, Neil Sturman, PT. Click the video below to hear from Michelle about her love of helping patients, things to do in the metro San Diego area and more.


What Patients Are Saying About Clear Passage

“Clear Passage therapy is the future. It simply has to be because it is so good and so intelligent with regard to the body’s built-in desire to heal. I had little hope that anything could help me after 8 female surgeries. I had limited mobility from pain in the abdomen and hip from adhesions and felt constant inflammation in the stomach and colon from a seat belt injury.


I saw Tracey Miles in Canterbury. She was thorough and super professional, as well as kind. Her determination alone impressed me and the follow up support from her and the rest of the team insured that I received the maximum benefit from the treatment. I cannot recommend this treatment enough. They know what they’re doing!


I have no problem with my stomach now and I can stand up straight. As an example, I could not do one sit up or crunch before I went. Not one. Now I am doing 80 per day and going up to 100. To me, this feels like a miracle. Thank you, Clear Passage team! Thank you, Tracey!”

- Kathryn Clarke


Facing Surgery? You Have Another Option

A significant yet often overlooked risk of surgery is the formation of adhesions. Adhesions develop as a natural product of the body’s healing process, decreasing adhesions through surgical interventionleaving many patients trapped in an endless cycle of surgery-adhesions-surgery. In fact, research has shown that surgery is a primary cause of adhesions. An exhaustive study examining five decades of surgery showed that more than 90% of patients develop adhesions following open abdominal surgery and 55% to 100% of women develop adhesions after pelvic surgery. (Liakakos et al., 2001)

Our therapy can help patients avoid surgery for several conditions. Using their hands, Clear Passage therapists detach and decrease adhesions, returning the body’s structures to an earlier state of pain-free mobility and function. By addressing the adhesions and restrictions, we can help eliminate the need for surgery for those with the following “mechanical” conditions:

  • Exploratory surgery for pain or dysfunction
  • Adhesion related disorder (ARD)
  • Recurring small bowel obstruction (SBO)
  • Endometriosis
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Tailbone (coccyx) pain

Visit the Avoid Surgery section of our website to learn more.

If you or someone you know is considering surgery for the above conditions, we encourage you to contact us. To schedule a phone consultation with a certified therapist, at no cost, and learn whether our therapy would be an effective alternative to surgery in your case, please complete our online contact form.


Join Our Small Bowel Obstruction Study

We feel it is important for doctors and insurers to understand “quality of life” issues facing people who have had bowel obstructions. Thus, we are recruiting adults with a history of small bowel obstruction to participate in a research study, which consists of a questionnaire, examining the impact of small bowel obstruction on overall quality of life. This study involves completing two online questionnaires, each of which requires approximately 30 minutes to complete.

To be eligible to participate, you must:

  • have had a partial or full bowel obstruction in the last two years;
  • be between the ages of 18 and 90;
  • have had no cancer diagnoses in the last 10 years;
  • have not received treatment at Clear Passage previously.

Compensation is provided for study participants. For more information, please visit the study webpage at: http://www.clearpassage.com/the-impact-of-small-bowel-obstruction-on-quality-of-life/


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