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A natural “hands-on” treatment to treat infertility, pain and recurring bowel obstruction is now available in Indianapolis, Indiana. Clear Passage Physical Therapy introduced their newest physical therapist-director Amy Robinson, as a certified practitioner in November, 2011.

Clear Passage Physical Therapy, which provides a unique hands-on treatment to patients from around the world, opened a new clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana in November, 2011. With research published in major medical journals, the group will expand its patent-pending hands-on therapy for infertility, pain and bowel obstruction to the Mid-West region.A picture of someone getting physical therapy treatment.

“This location will allow patients from the northern and central US many options for travel, with several major airports in the area,” said Belinda Wurn, PT, and National Director for the group. “This location will join a network of Clear Passage clinics in Florida, Washington DC, and California.”

The Indianapolis Clinic Director, Amy Robinson, PT, has over 16 years experience as a physical therapist. She has extensive training and knowledge in treating adhesions, pelvic floor dysfunction, and chronic pain. In her role at Clear Passage Physical Therapy, Amy will treat similar conditions, adding post-surgical pain, and female infertility.

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She will also treat small bowel obstructions – a life-threatening condition that heretofore has only been treated by surgery. “This is an important advance,” said Robinson, “I have worked with wonderful surgeons – and most recognize that abdominal surgery puts their patients at risk for repeat obstructions.” Her certification and expertise will create a seamless merger with the pioneering work of the Wurns in their continuing efforts to provide therapy and research in previously uncharted areas of non-surgical therapy.

About Clear Passage Physical Therapy
Clear Passage Physical Therapy is a network of high quality physical therapy clinics specializing in hands-on treatment of women’s health conditions, adhesions, and chronic pain. Clear Passage treats patients from all over the world. “About 20 percent of our patients are healthcare professionals,” Wurn said.

Clear Passage was co-founded by Larry and Belinda Wurn, PT a husband and wife therapy team. It was born from Belinda’s own personal experiences, and the couple’s quest to bring her relief from debilitating adhesion pain after pelvic surgery.

About the Wurn Technique®
The Wurn Technique® is a hands-on soft tissue manual therapy developed to treat the adhesions that often accompany female infertility, pain, endometriosis, and small bowel obstruction. This therapy is practiced exclusively at Clear Passage Physical Therapy clinics.