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Clear Passage Physical Therapy was born when Belinda and Larry Wurn discovered their manual physical therapy techniques for chronic pain could also open blocked fallopian tubes. Because they never expected to see this result, the Wurns continued to explore other conditions that their treatment could help.

One of the first women who helped them discover they could treat endometriosis pain was Mary. Mary was a research scientists who experienced such excruciating pain that she couldn’t go to work on some days. Endometriosis impacted every aspect of her life. She had difficulty standing upright because her pain was so awful. In addition, pain was excruciating at all times of the month, so Mary could no longer have sex with her husband.

When Mary came to the Wurns for help, they palpated the soft tissues of her pelvis to feel for adhered areas. When they checked, they found that many of Mary’s organs and structures could not glide with normal mobility. Slowly, they worked to detach the adhesions and reduce any areas of tension or restriction.

After treatment, Mary was actually surprised when her period came because she didn’t experience any of the tell-tale pain or spasm. Remarkably, she was able to return to an active sex life and no longer had to miss days from work.

When the Wurns learned of the remarkable changes Mary experienced, they opened their doors for endometriosis patients. They continued to research and conducted two studies showing how their treatment could reduce pelvic pain, intercourse pain, and sexual dysfunction in women with endometriosis. CPPT now also treats women with endometriosis and infertility. Over 50 women who were previously infertile with endometriosis have now given birth or are currently expecting.

The Wurns, along with co-author Dr. Richard King, are telling their remarkable journey in an upcoming book entitled, Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain. The book will contain over 75 patient stories and 60 images to illustrate how their treatment works.