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Do adhesions cause intestinal problems?

Adhesions and Intestinal Issues

An important part of our work is helping to educate patients about the implications of adhesions. A question that our therapists often encounter is “Do adhesions cause intestinal problems?”

The answer is yes, adhesions can and often do cause intestinal issues. The biggest problem associated with abdominal adhesions is small bowel obstruction, which can be life-threatening if untreated.

Adhesions are a primary cause of obstruction, or blockage, in the bowel. Adhesions may form as curtains or ropes within or between the loops of the bowel, completely blocking the passage designed to transport food. When these adhesions prevent the body from processing food, a bowel obstruction can quickly become a life-threatening condition. The first signs of a bowel obstruction include pain, nausea or vomiting accompanied by difficulty or inability to pass gas or stool.

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Adhesions are bands of internal scar tissue that form as the first step in healing from a trauma, surgery, infection or inflammation. Many of the patients we treat for bowel obstruction have an extensive surgical history.

Intestinal problems are not the only complications associated with adhesions. Did you know that abdomino-pelvic adhesions can also cause fertility issues in women? They can block the fallopian tubes and prevent other reproductive organs, such as the ovaries, from functioning properly.

Our therapists treat adhesions naturally, without surgery. Request a phone consultation with a therapist at no cost to learn more about our treatment.