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Dr. Christiane Northrup, host of Flourish!

New York Times best-selling author and beloved authority on women’s health and wellness, Dr. Christiane Northrup, interviewed Larry and Belinda Wurn on her radio show, Flourish!

There was a delightful energy between Dr. Northrup and the Wurns as they discussed their journey in discovering the Wurn Technique®. Dr. Northrup commended the Wurns dedication in finding this technique in an effort to treat the source of Belinda’s own debilitating pain. What they  discovered were  tight, glue-like adhesions that formed as a result of the intense radiation therapy that Belinda endured during her battle with cervical cancer.

Larry and Belinda went on to explain that their pioneering work with fertility issues, sexual dysfunction, and bowel obstructions developed as a result of patient’s testimonies about natural pregnancies, increased function, and decreased pain following treatment at Clear Passage.

Dr. Northrup stated, “I’ll tell the entire world, I’m planning to come down and go through your program for five days.” Dr. Northrup has a true understanding of how adhesions can cause pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

To listen to the interview on our podcast, Hands that Heal, visit Turning Back the Clock.