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Today is Valentine’s Day. For many couples, the day will be met with chocolate roses, gushing cards, and sweet embraces. For women who suffer from endometriosis however, it may be met with heightened anxiety, relational challenges, and debilitating pain.

Studies estimate that up to half of all US women experience problems with painful intercourse, (dyspareunia). This all too common health issue is often met with the response, “It’s all in your head”. This explanation can create a feeling of disempowerment for women who know there is a very real source to the pain they experience.

It is not all in your head

Despite health professional’s dismissal of intercourse pain as a psychological issue, the pain is often a result of a mechanical issue caused by adhesions. Adhesions form as part of the body’s healing process after an infection, inflammation, surgery or trauma.

A couple contemplating Endometriosis.Adhesions can form as a result of:

  • Endometriosis
  • Bladder or Vaginal Infection
  • Surgery (C-section, episiotomy, laparotomy)
  • Trauma to the tailbone or pubic bones (often a fall or accident)

These adhesions create thick fibrous bands at the site of the initial trauma and can attach to the delicate tissues and organs within the pelvis. These attachments create a pull during intercourse, which often results in pain. This pain has been described as either sharp and specific or broad and deep.

Getting the spark back

A study published in Fertility and Sterility, investigated the decrease of painful intercourse in women with endometriosis after receiving a hands-on physical therapy treatment, called the Wurn Technique®. The study reported the following results:

  • 50% of study participants reported reduced ovulation pain
  • 61% of study participants reported reduced menstrual pain
  • 93% of study participants reported reduced intercourse pain
  • 64% reported increased intensity and duration of orgasm
  • 71% reported increased desire (libido)
  • 86% reported increased arousal
  • 79% reported increased lubrication
  • 71% reported increased satisfaction
  • 93% reported improved overall sexual function

The Wurn Technique® feels much like a deep pelvic massage and can be completed in as little as five days.  The Wurn Technique® is provided by the skilled therapists at Clear Passage Physical Therapy. Each therapist empowers their patients by working with them instead of simply working on them throughout therapy. The Clear Passage team has helped many couples return to a healthy and intimate relationship.

“Before therapy intercourse was too painful.

Since therapy, I have had no pain. This is incredible.

What a gift to our marriage. Thank you.”

-Clear Passage Patient