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Hello Everyone! My name is Jackie and I’m excited to be a part of this blog. I joined Clear Passage Therapies as an intern while I was an undergraduate at the University of Florida. The Clear Passage Physical Therapy team mentored me and nurtured me through my college years and I haven’t been able to part with them since. I’ve worked in numerous areas, but my true loves are research and writing. I suggest you check out our Published Studies page to read recent studies that are relevant to your health. I had a blast scouring through hundreds of articles to find the ones that can best help you.

A picture of a woman.

Another exciting project I’ve been working on is our upcoming book. Belinda Wurn, Larry Wurn, and Dr. Richard King have been pouring hours of thought, love, and research into a book that discusses how our therapy can help infertility, sexual function, and pain. I’ve been honored to help in the organizational and research aspect. One of my favorite parts has been gathering patient stories for the book. Over 60 men and women have shared their experiences and I cannot wait until you read their stories. These men and women have touched me with their openness, kindness, and sheer determination to reach their goals.

Why do I love these projects so much? Because I’ve seen CPPT help countless men and women. I love waking up and working for a team that sees patients as individuals and helps them with a natural treatment. I firmly believe that every individual has unique talents, gifts, and passions to help people in different ways. CPPT has given me the perfect environment to use my talents and gifts to help people like you.

Thanks for visiting our blog! The CPPT team and I are dedicated to providing interesting and relevant information so that a visit to our blog is always worth your time. Take care!