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Hi my name is Kimberley Patterson, and I am a therapist at the Gainesville, Florida clinic.

What I really like about physical therapy is that I get to connect with the patients. I get to help people feel better. I get to empower them to help themselves feel better. Our work we do is phenomenal and not like anything else out there. It is very rewarding to see someone go from hurt and broken to whole and able to face life again.

A picture of Kim Patterson's family.

I started working with Larry and Belinda in ’92. That was my first experience with physical therapy. I fell in love with it. I started out as a massage therapist so I could get my hands on the patients quickly.

The Gainesville clinic is unique; our treatment rooms are decorated and they do not look like a clinic. When you walk in the front door, you are greeted by friendly people who genuinely want to help you with your care and with getting you better. The atmosphere is warm and inviting; it is like talking with friends and being with friends versus being in a cold medical clinic and treated like a number.

You are accepted for who you are — good, bad, or otherwise — and it is just a good place to be.