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Media Kit

Media Kit

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  • Pregnancy Rates for Endometriosis (JPG, GIF, TIF)
  • Pregnancy Rates for Blocked Fallopian Tubes (JPG, GIF, TIF)
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Images for Media Use

Media professionals may use these copyrighted images with attribution to ClearPassage.com. Hi-Res images available upon request– please contact [email protected]


pelvic-abdominal-adhesionsAdhesions form naturally when the body heals and can cause infertility. The therapy opened blocked and swollen fallopian tubes. adhesions-are-anywhereAdhesions can form anywhere, even between muscle cells of the uterus.  Belinda Wurn observes x-rays of tubes she opened.
Larry and Belinda Wurn Adhesions formed between muscle cells of the uterus. Pelvic surgery often causes adhesions as the body heals. adhesions-around-ovariesThe therapy opens fallopian tubes blocked near the ovary.
endometriosis-close-upThe therapy focuses on decreasing the adhesions that often form with endometriosis. adhesions-on-the-uterusAdhesions between muscle cells. mid-tube-blockageThe therapy opens fallopian tubes blocked in the mid-tube.  Surgery is the primary cause of adhesions; they form to help the body heal then act like glue in the delicate reproductive structures.
blocked-fallopian-tubes-near-uterusThe therapy opens fallopian tubes blocked by the uterus. adhesions-in-bowel  C-sections can cause significant glue-like adhesions.  Adhesions formed on the uterus and tubes.
   Tiny micro-adhesions can form in the vagina, causing intercourse pain or decreased desire, orgasms and lubrication.  Endometriosis (left) and adhesions right (right) can cause infertility.
high resolution image of graph for adhesion formation after surgery adhesions-throughout-body small-bowel-obstruction small-bowel-obstruction
 before and after treatment for a bowel obstruction caused by adhesionsThese remarkable images show the power of Clear Passage to clear bowel obstructions without surgery. Scheduled for emergency surgery, this patient had two obstructions in her intestine. On the left, we see “BEFORE” images of

  • a 3-inch long ‘string stricture’ in the lower bowel that was about the thickness of a coffee straw, and
  • an ‘hourglass obstruction’ in the upper bowel.

On the right, images taken AFTER Clear Passage (only) showed that the therapy cleared both obstructions – without surgery.

 pre and post hsg  pre therapy post therapy  ivf success rate
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 2004 medscape infertility  2008 alt ther blocked tubes  2015 alt ther various infertility conditions  2015 alt ther tubes fsh
 cost for treating adhesions graph  cost analysis chart