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Amy is the Clinic Director of the Clear Passage Physical Therapy clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Why do you love your job?

I love to help people. I love when people come in and they are in pain and after undergoing treatment, as long as someone listens to them, they can get better.

What is your experience as a physical therapy?

I have been a therapist for 16 years. I graduated from Indiana University in Indianapolis, Indiana. I worked in every setting from a hospital setting to long term care. Eventually I worked in an outpatient setting and I have been working as a women’s and men’s health physical therapist for the past ten years

What inspired you to become a therapist?

I was inspired to become a physical therapist after growing up and watching my grandfather go through physical therapy after suffering multiple strokes. I myself had some injuries. I was in track in high school, and had to attend physical therapy.

How would you describe the treatment at Clear Passage Physical Therapy?

The patient and I are definitely a team it is a team approach. From the point the patient fills out the initial intake paper work to the critical first evaluation, the patient really takes the lead in the evaluation and the treatment. They understand what they are feeling, and as a therapist, if I listen to the patient they guide me to where I need to treat, which in the end helps them get better faster.

I feel like it is a huge downfall in the health care industry today in that practitioners are not given enough time to adequately listen and then treat their patients. The time is not a factor at Clear Passage Physical Therapy. Because we are allowed to listen to the patient as long as we need to and fully evaluate the patient and treat them. Once we put our hands on the patient along with what the patient has already verbally told us, it allows us to go in and treat the areas that have often been pain generator for many years. I often hear patients say, “This was the pain I have been telling my doctor about for the last ten years but no one could seem to find it and you found it, and I feel so relieved it’s not in my head.”

Why are you excited to be a therapist at Clear Passage?

I am very excited about the opportunity to start working with patients who are suffering with infertility issues. I myself have had issues with infertility for multiple years, and it has really drawn me to work with women and their significant others in order to allow them to have the family that they desire to have

What does Indianapolis have to offer?

You should come to the Indianapolis clinic because it is very easily accessible by air or by the interstate systems. Indiana is known as the crossroads of America. It is also very affordable and very easy to get around Indianapolis.

What is your clinic like?

With patients who have been suffering from chronic pain for many many years, they sometimes just need  a private and comfortable place to allow for healing to occur. At Clear Passage Indiana, our clinic is set up to allow for that comfortable environment. If you listen to the patient the patient can direct you where to treat and they can get better.