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Greg came to Clear Passage for treatment of his chronic migraine headaches — a reality he was starting to think he would simply have to live with. Here is his story…

For most of my adult life, I had suffered from chronic headaches. These started in my mid-twenties, and by my early thirties, they were occurring on a daily basis and becoming more severe. I had consulted with a number of different internists and neurologists who estimated that these were essentially muscle-tension headaches, but often of migraine intensity. I had explored almost every treatment available, including medications that ranged from over the counter analgesics to narcotic painkillers. I had also investigated non-traditional methods such as acupuncture, bio-feedback, and chiropractic adjustments, but none had much effect.

Non-surgical, drug-free treatment for migraine headaches

By my late-thirties, these headaches had become incapacitating to the point where they often limited activities and even resulted in trips to the emergency room. Needless to say, this health condition was having a substantial negative impact on my life.

In those twenty-some years, I had seen nearly a dozen medical “specialists” and yet none was able to ascertain the cause of my headaches. Things changed however when I met Larry and Belinda Wurn at Clear Passage Physical Therapy. In simply observing my posture, they could tell that something was not right, essentially that the muscles in my back were contracted in a manner that put excessive pressure on my neck – the basis for the unbearable headaches. It’s difficult to ascertain the initial cause, but a critical car accident in my early twenties along with many other falls and injuries over the years most likely played a part.

Incredibly, I felt relief after the first treatment and within a few weeks the headaches had been reduced to a point where I no longer needed medication. Today I am nearly headache-free and when they do occur, nothing more than aspirin is needed to relieve the pain. In all of those years, doctors never suggested such a simple solution to what is a relatively common problem. I’m very thankful to Clear Passage for their resolution of this debilitating health issue and strongly recommend this very effective alternative to anyone in a similar situation.


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