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Nyamekye’s Story

I thought I had planned the “perfect” life. I got married at 18 years old, and went to college on a full scholarship. I got my first teaching job right out of college. When things settled down for my husband and I financially, we decided to try foster care by a referral of a friend. My husband and I loved working with children and we thought we would welcome a few in our home. We enjoyed the fostering so much that we decided it was time to start our own family. We thought the fostering had given us great experience with the full-time nature of parenting.

Natural Fertility TreatmentI stopped taking birth control pills and started taking prenatal vitamins. I was ready! We tried for a couple of months, and got pregnant! I surprised my husband with the news by buying a bib that said, “I love my daddy!” When my husband saw it, he was just as happy as me. The next day, I started bleeding. I read on the Internet that some women bleed in pregnancy so I decided to take it easy at work, but it did not stop. I immediately called the doctor and told her. She tested my blood and said it did not look like a viable pregnancy. She confirmed it during a vaginal ultrasound when she could not find anything in my womb. I was devastated. The doctor encouraged us to keep trying.

We tried for many months after that loss. Intercourse started to become monotonous, scheduled, and meaningless. After more than six months of trying with no success, we went back to the doctor. She told me that she could begin running some tests.

All of the blood tests came back normal, but the HSG showed my uterus was covered with fibroids and I had a blocked fallopian tube. She immediately referred me to a specialist. The specialist recommended surgery to unblock the fallopian tube and to remove the fibroids from my uterus in order to become pregnant. My world simply shattered. For many months, our moods were very down and I thought my chances for pregnancy were nil! My husband could not help but blame me and vent to his relatives overseas.

In December of 2004, I consented to have a myomectomy, even though my husband was out of the country on a pre-scheduled trip. My sister-in-law came to stay with me and comfort me. This was my first major surgery!

The surgery was successful in removing the fibroids, but she was unable to open my tube. I was told to recover for six to eight weeks and then come to her office to discuss the next steps. My husband returned and we decided to return to the specialist. She told us that we could try some less expensive alternatives, like insemination. Now that the embryo could stick to my uterine wall, we just needed to bypass the tubes. Okay, we decided to give this a try!

We got started with all of the testing of my ovulation, the drugs to stimulate ovulation, and the testing of the quality of my husband’s sperm. The test showed a significant problem with the sperm and that we would need a miracle for it to produce a pregnancy. Again, our spirits took yet another dive. My husband really struggled with this news! He had been putting pressure and venting on me until this day. He broke down emotionally.

We went through two cycles of insemination with my husband’s sperm, even though the doctor said it was highly unlikely to work with his sperm. I took Clomid and other drugs to boost my ovulation. Neither cycle worked! At that point, my infertility benefits were depleted. We were convinced the inseminations were not working, and we needed more options. The specialist said that our only remaining option was in vitro fertilization (IVF). She told us to visit with the financial counselor who may be able to help us find a way to pay for it.

I was not convinced and I did not want a home equity loan on our house. I got on the Internet and wanted to do more research. I had researched previously and saw a website about blocked fallopian tubes. I did a search again, and typed in “blocked fallopian tubes.” Again, the same website, Clear Passage Physical Therapy, came up first that had appeared when I was researching the surgery.

This time I decided to really analyze and look at the website again. I read all of the information on the website, ordered the brochure and video, and talked with my husband. I wanted to really see if there was a possibility in this technique or if it was too good to be true. On my next visit with the specialist, I asked her about the treatment. She said she had one patient who went to the clinic, but she was unaware of the outcome and she did not know about it personally.

We watched the video and read the results over and over. We were inspired by the story of Larry and Belinda discovering this miracle procedure that was helping women get pregnant. We were touched by the individual stories of success when there seemed to be no hope, so we started listing the pros and cons.

The cost was drastically cheaper than IVF, and it could also help to make IVF more successful if we had to go that route. The only cons were the time away from work for both of us (I was not going to go alone), and the travel expenses. We made the decision to go for it. The week before school started in August, my husband and I traveled in faith to Florida. We stayed with my husband’s cousin, a medical doctor. We asked her to look over the Clear Passage materials and see what she thought. She said to give it a try and just pray for a blessing.

Each morning, we drove to the clinic. My husband came to all of the sessions with me and came in the room to give me support. The Clear Passage staff was very welcoming and encouraging. Each night we would walk and pray for a miracle. The stretching in the sessions made me tired and sore, but I didn’t mind! We came home hoping to get pregnant really soon. Nothing happened in September. In the beginning of October, my breasts started to grow. I knew I was pregnant. I took a test. We were pregnant! I knew not to get excited yet, because of what happened the first time. This time proved to be different! We were really pregnant on our own!

I had a very smooth and easy pregnancy. I delivered a son on July 13, 2005, weighing 8 lbs., 2 oz., and 21 inches long. We were parents! We enjoyed our baby boy and when he turned four months old, we were pregnant again! We got pregnant on our own with no assistance. Clear Passage had definitely cleared my tubes! I delivered a baby girl, August 31, 2006, 6 lbs. 0 oz., and 20 inches long. Our parents and supporters were shocked at the rapid turnaround.

My husband’s cousin, the doctor in Florida, is now referring her own infertility patients to Clear Passage after seeing our results. We are forever appreciative to Clear Passage for their part in making our family!

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