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Relief for chronic pain and natural treatment for infertility will soon be available in Northern Virginia, just south of Washington D.C. Clear Passage Physical Therapy welcomes physical therapist Kathy to their newest clinic, opening on August 1, 2011.

With over 1,000 babies born to women diagnosed infertile, and research published in major medical journals, Clear Passage Physical Therapy is expanding its pioneering hands-on treatment for infertility and pain to Northern Virginia. Opening August 1, 2011 south of Washington, D.C., the new clinic will provide a natural alternative to surgery for complex conditions including infertility, chronic pain, adhesions, endometriosis, and small bowel obstruction.

“Due to its central East Coast location, this clinic will allow patients from Boston to Savannah the option to travel to the clinic by car, train, or by air to the three nearby airports,” said Belinda Wurn, PT, and National Director for the group.

Clinic Director Kathy, PT, has over 20 years of hands-on therapy skills. While her experience spans many areas of rehabilitation, Kathy has a strong focus on treating chronic pain and dysfunction over the last two decades. Her expanded role with Clear Passage now includes treatment of female infertility, post-surgical adhesion pain, and small bowel obstruction – a common life-threatening condition.

The therapy she will provide, the Wurn Technique®, has been featured in major medical journals for its ability to improve fertility, decrease pain and open blocked fallopian tubes. Her certification will allow the merger of her extensive experience with the pioneering work of the Wurns in their continuing efforts to research uncharted areas of non-surgical therapy. Recent clinical data shows the therapy’s success in clearing small bowel obstruction, a condition previously treatable only by surgery.

About Clear Passage Physical Therapy

Clear Passage Physical Therapy is a network of high quality physical therapy clinics specializing in hands-on treatment of women’s health conditions, adhesions, and chronic pain. Clear Passage treats patients from all over the world. “About 20 percent of our patients are healthcare professionals,” Wurn said.

Clear Passage was co-founded by therapists Larry and Belinda Wurn, a husband and wife team. It was born from Belinda’s own personal experiences and quest for relief from debilitating adhesion pain after surgery to remove cancer.

About the Wurn Technique

The Wurn Technique is a hands-on soft tissue manual therapy developed to treat adhesions, female infertility, pain, endometriosis, and small bowel obstruction. This therapy is practiced exclusively at Clear Passage Physical Therapy clinics.