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When Jocelyn and her husband decided to have a second child, they never expected they would struggle to become pregnant. Four Woman with pregnancy testyears earlier, they had become pregnant and given birth without any problems.

Jocelyn sought the help of her doctor, who performed a series of tests and found that her FSH was 14.2. Most reproductive endocrinologists recommend a FSH from 1-10 to conceive naturally. Her doctor referred her to a reproductive endocrinologist who confirmed that her FSH was too high and suggested she try IVF.

“I’m a naturalist,” Jocelyn told us. “I wasn’t excited with this option. I didn’t want to take any form of drugs for the purpose of getting pregnant.” She decided to look for alternative treatments on her own and found Clear Passage. Jocelyn explained, “I knew I could very easily get stressed and emotional about my infertility, but I refused to let myself go there. I didn’t let my infertility become me. I saw this as an opportunity to make myself better — to really get my mind and body in a healthy state.”

When she came to us for treatment, her therapists noted different areas of stiffness in her body and evaluated areas where she felt pain. They worked to release the tension in those areas and restore mobility to her pituitaryhypothalamus-ovarian feedback loop.
After treatment, Jocelyn told us, “All of my aches and pains are gone. I feel much more flexible and better overall. People tell me I look younger, but it’s hard to tell if it will help my fertility.”

Jocelyn didn’t have to wait long. She became pregnant just one week after she returned home. Four months into her pregnancy, she told us “The ultrasound shows a big, healthy baby.”

Our team feels that Jocelyn’s story is a testament to the importance of listening to your intuition and doing what you feel is right for you – whether that be conventional treatment or treatment with us.

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