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New moms thank complementary therapies for a special Mother's DayGainesville, FL, April 3, 2006 — Millions of US couples suffer the heartache of infertility every year. Thanks to recent scientific research and the growing awareness of complementary fertility treatments, many women who were once infertile are celebrating this Mother’s Day in the seat of honor.

Sue Carlton, diagnosed infertile due to endometriosis and adhesions, is expecting her first baby this Mother’s Day. She says that the therapies she used with her medical treatments played a big role in her success.

Mother’s Day was one of the most difficult holidays for Lisa Thiesen. But after seven years of infertility and two heart-breaking miscarriages, Lisa and her husband Jeff are celebrating this year with their newborn daughter, thanks to a physical therapy treatment she says helped her become pregnant.

As scientific research grows, even infertility physicians are touting the use of physical therapy and other complementary therapies to assist couples in their quest to conceive. “Initial studies of a new physical therapy technique show promising results, and may benefit fertility specialists and their patients,” says Dr. Mark Kan, Reproductive Endocrinologist of Newport Fertility Center in California.

A study published by WebMD’s Medscape General Medicine showed that women who received a new “hands-on” physical therapy before in-vitro fertilization (IVF) had a 67% pregnancy rate, much higher than the 41% national average used as a control (P < .001). The same journal reported a 72% natural pregnancy rate for women infertile an average of five years before receiving this new therapy (www.clearpassage.com). “It appears to facilitate fertility in women with a wide array of unexplained or adhesion-related infertility,” says Dr. Richard King, Research Gynecologist at the Florida Medical and Research Institute.

Acupuncture, long respected in Eastern medicine, is also being recognized as an adjunct to fertility treatments in the West. Results from a German study showed that the use of acupuncture before IVF embryo transfer greatly enhanced the chance for pregnancy. More recent studies are confirming the role of acupuncture to improve reproductive status. “Acupuncture is used to treat a variety of fertility issues, at almost every age and stage in a woman’s cycle,” says Dr. Randine Lewis, licensed acupuncturist and author of “The Infertility Cure.” “It assists the entire reproductive system in achieving optimal health.”

Mind-body awareness is also on the rise in fertility circles. According to a study published by “Fertility and Sterility,” pregnancy rates for infertile women significantly increased with support group participation. “The tools we work with in our support circles give couples back a sense of control over their lives, and help them turn a crisis into a health enhancing opportunity,” says Julia Indichova, author of “Inconceivable” and creator of the Fertile Heartä Conceptions mind-body program. The program incorporates diet changes, movement, visualization, and other natural remedies.

Many women who have been unsuccessful in their family building efforts through the use of traditional medical techniques often give up hope of ever having a child. Complementary therapies, now bolstered by scientific research, offer a safe and effective adjunct to traditional treatments. For more information see www.clearpassage.com.