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A picture of Transvaginal Mesh.Transvaginal mesh is a medical device that is used to repair common pelvic floor disorders in women. It is implanted through the vagina to improve continence issues and/or provide support for prolapsed organs. Chronic pelvic pain is one of the many complications implicated with the use of transvaginal mesh.

Amy Robinson, PT recently spoke with Drugwatch Radio about pelvic pain and dysfunction in women with transvaginal mesh and how physical therapy can be an effective treatment. She discusses a number of topics during the 30-minute podcast, including:A picture of Amy Robinson

  • how pelvic surgeries can cause adhesions
  • using a “whole body” approach when treating pelvic pain and dysfunction
  • the importance of addressing pelvic alignment in women who currently have mesh implanted
  • how pelvic floor physical therapy can prevent the need for surgery in cases of urinary prolapse
  • instructing women in self-management techniques for conditions such as stress urinary incontinence

You’re looking at pain as a whole with these women. A lot of them complain that they cannot sit and that they have horrendous abdominal pain. There is a whole realm of issues that go together when women have complications with mesh. It’s not, a lot of times, just in the pelvic region itself.

–Amy Robinson, PT

Click here to listen to the podcast.