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Many people suffer from debilitating chronic pain following mastectomy surgery. This pain is largely due to post-surgical adhesions that form during the healing process. This pain is often dismissed as purely psychological by medical professionals because the adhesion formation is invisible in x-rays and traditional medical tests. Those who do find treatment are often given the option of another  invasive surgical procedure to cut away the adhesions or powerful pain pharmaceuticals to mask the pain.  However, there is a natural alternative treatment for endometriosis called the Wurn Technique®. You can read more about this natural treatment by reading our mastectomy pain page.

This website page describes the cause and treatment of adhesions which can cause pain, burning, and tightness throughout the body. Adhesions are thick fibrous bands of scar tissue that form following a trauma or surgery. These adhesions can attach to delicate tissues and organs causing tightness and pain by acting as an adhesive glue. The Wurn Technique® is a hands-on physical therapy has been shown to decrease pain and increase function by pulling apart these adhesions strand by strand. This allows the body to return to normal function and relieves the stress and pulling on the delicate tissues within the body.

Share this information with someone you know who suffers from post mastectomy pain, and help them find a path to living pain-free.