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Press Releases

Press Releases


SIBO Conference to Draw International Experts

Lifesaving Therapy for Intestinal Obstructions Comes to St. Louis


Why Holiday Eating Can Be Deadly

Repeat Bowel Obstruction Surgery: A Thing of the Past?


A Physical Therapy Exceeds Medical Success Treating Female Infertility


Mommy Blogger Seeks Alternative Therapy for Treating Secondary Infertility, Shares Intimate Details With Millions of Women Worldwide

Study Shows Alternative Therapy for Infertility Opens Blocked Fallopian Tubes Without Surgery

Clear Passage Physical Therapy Unveils Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret for Treating Infertility

Orgasms Increase Dramatically Using New Massage to the Reproductive Organs


Non-Surgical Treatment for Life-Threatening Bowel Obstruction Is a Reality


Medical Researcher Examines Alternatives to Major Surgery

Diet Guide Published on Dec. 3 by Clear Passage Physical Therapy Provides Life-Saving Information

Doctor Examines a Physical Therapy that Replaces Major Surgery

Clear Passage Physical Therapy Leverages Social Media to Bring Hope to Those Suffering from Adhesions

Injured Colorado Firemen and Their Families Get Help from an Unlikely Source

Clear Passage Physical Therapy® Unveils Mobile-Ready Website

Non-Surgical Treatment for Life-Threatening Bowel Obstructions and Infertility Coming to the Denver Area

Clear Passage Physical Therapy® Delivers a “Bundle of Hope” Giveaway to Infertility Patients for National Infertility Week (NIAW)

Creator of Groundbreaking Treatment for Endometriosis to Speak At Conference


Non-Surgical Treatment for Pain, Infertility and Life-Threatening Bowel Obstruction Opens in Indiana

A “Hands-On” Physical Therapy Replaces Infertility Surgery for Some Women, Scientists Say

“Hands-On” Physical Therapy Replaces Surgery for a Common Life-Threatening Condition, Developers Say 

New Book Examines a Breakthrough in Treating Female Infertility and Pain, Naturally 

Adhesion Awareness Giveaway Offers Over $9,700 in Prizes 

Natural Treatment for Pain and Infertility Comes to Virginia, Near Washington, D.C. 

Clear Passage Shares Hope through Untold Stories of Infertility Success

Clear Passage Physical Therapy Honors Endometriosis Awareness Month with the ‘Put an End to Endo’ Giveaway

Infertility’s Undiagnosed Cause and a Possible Cure 


Clear Passage Physical Therapy, World Leader in Natural Treatment for Pain and Infertility, Announces New Company Website


Adhesions and Surgery: New Book “Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain,” Examines Breaking the Endless Cycle of Pain 

Clear Passage Therapies® Honors National Infertility Awareness Week: Launches New Blog

Sexual Dysfunction Expert, Belinda Wurn, Speaks Out Against Painful Intercourse

Study Shows New Therapy Opens Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Returns Fertility Without Surgery

Surprise Orgasms Baffle Women Undergoing New Infertility Treatment

Painful Sex in Women: Studies Show High Prevalence, but New Hope


New Endometriosis Treatment – No Surgery or Drugs

Physical Therapists Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes Without Surgery

Three Complementary Infertility Treatments Boost Pregnancy Rates, Research Shows

Over 150 Babies Expected After Non-Surgical Infertility Treatment

Researchers Find Unexpected Results During Infertility Investigation–Better Sex and Orgasms

New Moms Thank Complementary Therapies For A Special Mother’s Day

The Right Touch May Improve Intimacy 


101 Babies Expected After New Infertility Treatment

Newly Researched Infertility Treatment Comes to the Northeast

Newly Researched Infertility Treatment Comes to the Western U.S.

Newly Researched Infertility Treatment Comes to Midwest

Miracle Moms Celebrate an Unlikely Mother’s Day


Study Shows Increased Orgasms and Decreased Sexual Pain after Manual Physical Therapy Technique

Three Friends Overcome Years of Infertility With ‘Hands-on’ Physical Therapy When Recently Investigated Therapy Succeeds After Medical Science Fails

New ‘Hands-on’ Physical Therapy Technique Increases Natural and IVF Pregnancies, Studies Show