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Our upcoming book, Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain, will discuss how manual physical therapy can address a host of problems caused by adhesions. The book is divided into three sections: fertility, sexual dysfunction, and chronic pain. One of our main topics in the chronic pain section is post-surgical pain. In fact, we have so much to say about it that we have devoted an entire chapter to it!

We care deeply about this topic because the conventional cure for post-surgical pain is more surgery! Men and women deserve to know there is a treatment that can free them from an endless cycle of surgeries.

If a patient’s surgery was completed without complications, but the patient still finds themselves in pain after six months, adhesions are the likely culprit. In the post-surgical pain chapter, we discuss how and why adhesions form after surgery. We then explain how adhesions can draw previously mobile structures together, cause inflammation, create tension, and cause pain.

In the chapter, we also share the stories of patients who have had the awful experience of cyclical surgery. One such patient is Ginny, who had a bowel obstruction removed surgically. After the surgery, adhesions quickly formed again, causing more bowel obstructions, severe abdominal pain, and neck and back pain. Ginny told us, “I needed surgery to reduce the adhesions and relieve my pain, but the surgeries would cause more adhesions to form, necessitating more surgeries.” After eight surgeries, Ginny knew she needed to find a non-invasive way to remove adhesions. When she heard about our clinic, she started attending twice a week. Ginny reported, “Before long, I stopped experiencing pain n my bowels, neck and back. Things in life that most people take for granted, but that had been denied to me for so long slowly began to return. I can still remember the first day I was finally able to have a bowel movement without pain or laxatives.”

Our treatment, which focuses on removing adhesions with manual physical therapy techniques, has helped many people like Ginny. Ginny’s full story, along with the stories of 75 former CPT patients, will be featured in our book, Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain.

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