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Clear Passage Physical Therapy highlights March as Endometriosis Awareness Month with a compelling incentive to help ‘Put an End to Endo’.Clear Passage Physical Therapy supports Endometriosis awareness month with a March giveaway. Put an end to Endo.

Clear Passage will giveaway over $7,000 worth in prizes this month to focus on the devastating effects of endometriosis. These prizes will include donations to endometriosis support groups selected by the top two winners of the ‘Put an End to Endo’ Giveaway. The grand prize winner will also receive a free 20 hour program of hands-on physical therapy, known as the Wurn Technique®, to treat endometriosis pain and/or infertility.

Previous Clear Passage patient, Jasmine exclaimed, “My primary goal for therapy at Clear Passage was to become pregnant and one week after treatment, I was! I was also blessed to no longer experience abdominal pain.”

The contest aims to increase awareness virally through Clear Passage’s Facebook page. Women with endometriosis can submit a photo to the company’s Facebook Page. They will gather votes and raise awareness by receiving “likes” from their family and friends. The three contestants with the most “likes” by midnight, March 31st will receive prizes, to be announced on the site the following week.

Many women with endometriosis feel alone in their struggle. Building a dedicated support system of loved ones to share in the struggle can make a world of difference for those who suffer from the pain or infertility of the condition.

Over 176 million women suffer from endometriosis globally. Many experience a loss of vitality as they live in a constant state of pain or fatigue. In addition to causing pain and energy loss, endometriosis has been cited as major cause of female infertility. Women diagnosed with endometriosis often find themselves unable to work for days at a time, and unable to make a social schedule or plan a vacation with their partner, due to fear that debilitating pain will strike and abort their plans.

Clear Passage Research Director, Larry Wurn says, “Scientists are making inroads into non-surgical, drug-free methods to treat endometriosis. We are honored to be able to help these women by providing both physical therapy and research.”

Treatment for endometriosis pain often consists of medication or a surgical procedure to remove the endometrial tissue throughout the pelvis. Unfortunately, some studies have shown that the condition can return at surgical sites, sometimes worse than before surgery. The Wurn Technique®, a physical therapy treatment provided at Clear Passage clinics, provides women with a safe and natural treatment for pain and infertility.

“Prior to treatment at Clear Passage, I suffered from frequent endometriosis pain. Clear Passage gave me my life back!” said previous patient Madison.

Clear Passage Physical Therapy is dedicated to educating and empowering their patients and offering natural relief for the millions of women who suffer from endometriosis. With the support of Facebook and the endometriosis community, they will do their part to ‘Put an End to Endo.’