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For years, I have seen patients come to Clear Passage Therapies (CPT) with secondary infertility and find success. I’ve spoken with many of these women and written their personal experiences with infertility for the upcoming book, Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain. I have also had the opportunity to write or edit 78 other stories for the book that discuss various forms of infertility, sexual dysfunction, and chronic pain. I’ve also followed-up with many more patients who came through CPT’s doors.

Through these experiences, I’ve come to recognize subtle nuances between the different groups of women who come to CPT. In women with secondary infertility, I’ve recognized their distinct frustration and confusion. Many of them ask, “Why was it so easy to become pregnant before, but now now?” I’ve also noticed a twinge of guilt in this group of women: a sense that because they already have a child, they should be more grateful and not “complaining” about the difficulty of conceiving a second child.

I find it incredibly sad to hear women question their desires to expand their families due to conflicting feelings of guilt and frustration. I largely feel this way because I feel they have a high chance of discovering the cause of their infertility and resolving it.

A woman who had no problems conceiving her first child has, in a way, a “leg up” on other women because her doctors can look and see what has changed since that pregnancy. If a doctor performs routine tests and cannot find a cause, a woman is still not out of options. At CPT, we believe that many causes of unexplained infertility are mechanical in nature and thus due to adhesions. Adhesions may form after any type of injury or trauma to the body. They can constrict, cover, and pull on important tissues and organs, leading to infertility. The birthing process itself can cause trauma to the body and subsequent adhesion formation. Our therapists have also seen a correlation between secondary infertility and previous c-sections or episiotomies. When examining a patient, our therapists also review a patient’s history for any trauma that has occurred since childbirth – perhaps a severe fall, car accident, yeast or bladder infection, or surgery. These events signal adhesion formation.

CPT has had success treating unexplained infertility and secondary infertility by addressing adhesions that form in the body. However, we have never advertised this fact on our website until recently. After speaking with so many women who had success after being treated for secondary infertility at CPT, I worked with the CPT team to design a web page specifically about how we treat this condition. The page was loaded in late February and I happy that women who suffer from secondary infertility can learn about a new treatment choice. I encourage you to review the site and let us know what you think below. If you feel there’s something else we should address on this page, just leave a comment below. To read more about secondary infertility, see 10 Clues to Solving Secondary Infertility.

– Jackie, Clear Passage Physical Therapy