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Overcome Infertility and Pain, Naturally – Our book recounts the first 20 years of the Clear Passage story. Written by founders Larry and Belinda Wurn, along with Richard King, MD, it documents the development of a therapy that has now been shown in numerous medical studies to decrease or eliminate the adhesions that can cause or impact so many conditions.

Chapters 1, 2 and 3 discuss why we began to study adhesions, the difficulties patients and their physicians face in diagnosing them, and what we learned about from a deeper study of their structure and growth in the body.

Starting with Chapters 5 and 6, subsequent chapters parallel our discoveries as we began decreasing adhesions throughout the body. Chapter 6 examines our initial tests for decreasing adhesions and the surprises that emerged as we found we could open fallopian tubes that were blocked by adhesions.

Chapter 7 and beyond follow our path of discovery into other areas of the body affected by adhesions, and our surprise success rates as we worked to decrease adhesions far from the reproductive tract.

In Chapter 14, we relate how we expanded our view into decreasing adhesions throughout the body.

Chapter 19 is a glimpse into what was the future for us at the time, a foreshadowing of the therapy we developed over the next ten years, clearing life-threatening bowel obstructions. Our next book, presently being written, will expand on this area, and beyond.

Click the links below to download individual chapters:

Overcome Pain and Infertility, Naturally

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

Chapter 2: Structure and the Body

Chapter 3: Structural Changes Through Life

Chapter 4: The Wurn Technique®

Chapter 5: Fertility Basics

Chapter 6: Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Chapter 7: Endometriosis and Fertility

Chapter 8: Hormones and Fertility

Chapter 9: Pre-IVF Therapy

Chapter 10: Secondary Infertility

Chapter 11: Unexplained Infertility

Chapter 12: Painful Intercourse

Chapter 13: Sexual Dysfunction

Chapter 14: Early Surgery and Trauma

Chapter 15: Chronic Pain

Chapter 16: Surgical Adhesions, Bowel Obstructions

Chapter 17: Endometriosis Pain

Chapter 18: Menstrual Pain

Chapter 19: Unfolding the Future