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For Healthcare Providers

Thank you for your interest in Clear Passage.

Our therapy addresses mechanical conditions and internal adhesions. We treat complex patients who have failed to find relief with other approaches, those who want to avoid surgery, and those who are looking for a natural or conservative therapy backed by published results.

Our services are performed by highly skilled and certified physical therapists, averaging over 27 years’ experience, throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Our programs are designed to accommodate patients from out-of-town and out-of-country. Approximately 20% of our patients are healthcare providers.

Our therapists work closely with physicians. We can act independently or as an extension of your care – whichever you prefer. We are available to communicate with you, from initial referral through discharge. We screen your patient thoroughly for contraindications, and provide you with an extensive Initial Evaluation and Discharge Summary. We are available by phone or email at all times.

Our practice focuses on two areas. Please click either button below for an overview of appropriate cases to refer, how we screen for contraindications, and what your patients can expect. Contact us at 1-352-336-1433 or info@clearpassage.com to consult at any time. Thank you.

- The Clear Passage team

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