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Treating infertility in women without drugs or surgery.

“Infertility is a lonely road to walk down,” says Sarah, a Clear Passage patient.

“Infertility is a lonely road to walk down,” Sarah told us. She and her husband tried for over five years to become pregnant. “Every time we received a friend’s birth announcement or invitation to a baby shower, we were painfully reminded of our struggles.”

When Sarah sought the help of a reproductive endocrinologist (RE), she learned both of her fallopian tubes were blocked. The RE explained that some of her options included surgery or IVF. But Sarah told us, “I wasn’t comfortable with having surgery and IVF wasn’t an option for us because of personal and financial reasons.”

Sarah and her husband decided to take six months before making any decisions. During this time, they happened to see Clear Passage Therapies (CPT) featured on the news. Sarah decided to attend ten hours of therapy after speaking with her sister, a massage therapist, about the treatment.

Sarah’s treatment went well, but she was still not pregnant after 10 hours of treatment. CPT has a documented history that shows patients are most likely to be successful when they undergo 20 hours of treatment. After speaking with her CPT therapist, Sarah decided to return for an additional 10 hours of treatment.

Once she was finished with treatment, Sarah had another test to check on the status of her fallopian tubes. Sarah reported, “Afterward, the doctor brought in the results and showed me that the dye had gone through my tubes – both of my tubes were clear! Tears of joy ran down my face.”

Sarah and her husband later used Clomid (a drug to boost ovulation) and an IUI (a procedure that places sperm directly in the uterus) to become pregnant. Sarah told us, “After seven agonizing years of infertility, I was finally going to experience pregnancy and parenthood.”

Sarah’s baby girl is now three years old. Her full story is featured in our new book Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain, along with 80 other patient stories, 100 images, and 700 pages of educational text to guide women through a treatment that can improve female infertility, boost sexual function, and decrease chronic pain.