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A study published in Fertility and Sterility recently found that ovarian dimensions are reliable predictors of ovarian reserve. Scientists found that the length, width, and diameter of an ovary can predict the production level and quality of eggs. To complete the study, doctors measured the ovaries and FSH levels of each participant. After adjusting for factors known to influence ovarian size (such as smoking, BMI, and a history of an ovulation), they found that women whose ovaries had smaller dimensions also had decreased ovarian reserve. They found that ovarian width was the strongest predictor for ovarian reserve.

This information may partly explain why our treatment helps women with advanced ovarian age, hormonal dysfunction, and high FSH. At Clear Passage Physical Therapy, we focus on finding areas of the body that are restricted by adhesions. We frequently find that a woman’s ovaries are confined or restricted by adhesions that have formed over her lifetime. Through manual physical therapy techniques, our therapists gently deform and detach these adhesions, allowing the ovary to expand and return to its mobile state. Following the premise of the above study, the ovaries are then larger and function better, allowing an increase in ovarian reserve (and thus a decrease in FSH).

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