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Small Bowel Obstruction

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A Mother’s Journey to Recovery: Small Bowel Obstruction

It was the first time anyone had asked me that in months. "How am I doing?" Right then, my mind was made up. Clear Passage Physical Therapy was the place we needed to come.

"if they say they can help you my friend, you can believe it"

Clear Passage Allowed Me to Resume My Adventures

A marine biologist, Richard found his life turned upside down due to bowel obstruction, a potentially life-threatening condition. Like many of our other patients, he was told that surgery was the only way to relieve his obstruction.


An End to Bowel Obstructions

National TV news anchor Linda Vester speaks about treatment at Clear Passage.


No Longer Shackled by Adhesions

After being bedridden for 10 years and unable to eat solid food for eight, Gwynn knew she had to find a non-surgical solution for her pain and recurring bowel obstructions. Hear her remarkable story of fighting to get her life back and make sure she would be able to be a part of her grandchildren’s life.


Non-Surgical Treatment for Bowel Obstruction

“Before I knew it I was starting to eat…No one could believe that I no longer had need for the PICC line.” (after five hospitalizations and three surgeries)