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Many Bowel Obstructions After Major Surgeries

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Many Bowel Obstructions After Major Surgeries

Surgery is the most common cause of adhesions. This patient had many major surgeries which resulted in recurring bowel obstructions. She decided to pursue a natural, non-surgical treatment that would prevent bowel obstructions without causing more post-surgical adhesions.

Small Bowel Obstruction

Bowel obstruction is a serious, life-threatening condition, often caused by adhesions. Surgery to repair blocked bowels often causes adhesions and more blockages. Clear Passage Physical Therapy® has over two decades of experience treating the adhesions that cause obstructions, without surgery. We have published studies in some of the most respected journals in medicine.

Clear Passage

The Wurn Technique® is a unique hands-on physical therapy protocol, developed over 20 years by Belinda Wurn, PT, Larry Wurn, LMT and their staff. It was initially created to decrease pain and increase function for Belinda, when adhesions from surgery and extensive radiation therapy left her unable to work due to debilitating chronic pain.