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Small Bowel Obstruction

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patient testimonial for bowel obstruction patient

Stopping Frequent Bowel Obstructions

Watch a previous patient describe her struggle with repeat bowel obstructions and how she finally found a solution.

Several Bowel Obstructions

Several Bowel Obstructions After Nine Surgeries

Listen to a previous patient share his experience at Clear Passage. He was treated for recurring bowel obstructions after an extensive surgical history left him with adhesions.


Non-Surgical Treatment for Bowel Obstruction

“Before I knew it I was starting to eat…No one could believe that I no longer had need for the PICC line.” (after five hospitalizations and three surgeries)


Reclaiming Life After Surgery & Bowel Obstruction

“This place is saving lives…I do have a chance at a quality of life again.”


No More Pain: Small Bowel Obstruction

“My stomach was very hard. After the first few sessions, it felt like a belt had been taken off around my stomach.”