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Small Bowel Obstruction

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patient testimonial for bowel obstruction patient

Stopping Frequent Bowel Obstructions

Watch a previous patient describe her struggle with repeat bowel obstructions and how she finally found a solution.

Several Bowel Obstructions

Several Bowel Obstructions After Nine Surgeries

Listen to a previous patient share his experience at Clear Passage. He was treated for recurring bowel obstructions after an extensive surgical history left him with adhesions.

sbo appendectomy

Bowel Obstruction After Appendix Surgery

Surgery is one of the main causes of adhesions. This previous patient suffered from a bowel obstruction after her appendectomy caused abdominal adhesions. Listen to how she found a natural, non-surgical treatment option.


Non-Surgical Treatment for Bowel Obstruction

“Before I knew it I was starting to eat…No one could believe that I no longer had need for the PICC line.” (after five hospitalizations and three surgeries)


Reclaiming Life After Surgery & Bowel Obstruction

“This place is saving lives…I do have a chance at a quality of life again.”