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Chronic Pain

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Treating Endometriosis with the Wurn Technique

“I was diagnosed when I was 21 with endometriosis and having lived the last 30 years in various stages of chronic pain, I’ve had seven surgeries…The relief I got was immediate.”


Overcoming Chronic Pain with the Wurn Technique

“I had no idea how much my life would be altered with not having back pain all the time…I can’t believe that I can be pain-free.”


Treating Migraine Pain Naturally

“After five days of treatment…it was like being in another body.”


Overcoming Intercourse Pain: Reclaiming Desire and Orgasm

A former Clear Passage patient discusses her history of pelvic pain and dysfunction, and how therapy has helped her overcome intercourse pain.


Overcoming Severe Post-Surgical Adhesions

Watch a former patient discuss her extensive surgical history, which left her with debilitating adhesions and chronic pain. You'll also hear from her husband, describing the Clear Passage experience from the spouse's perspective.