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Treating Endometriosis with the Wurn Technique

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Treating Endometriosis with the Wurn Technique

“I was diagnosed when I was 21 with endometriosis and having lived the last 30 years in various stages of chronic pain, I’ve had seven surgeries…The relief I got was immediate.”

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is the core focus of our work at Clear Passage Physical Therapy. Whether debilitating or simply annoying, pain robs us of our quality of life. The focus of our manual physical therapy is to decrease adhesions — the internal scars that form after injury, surgery or infection and rob us of our ability to move and function without pain.

Clear Passage

The Wurn Technique® is a unique hands-on physical therapy protocol, developed over 20 years by Belinda Wurn, PT, Larry Wurn, LMT and their staff. It was initially created to decrease pain and increase function for Belinda, when adhesions from surgery and extensive radiation therapy left her unable to work due to debilitating chronic pain.