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Behind every company is a personal story. Here is ours.

Larry and Belinda grew up together. They were separated for a period of time as each pursued their education and professional track. They then reunited and married, supporting the belief that Larry’s mother had instilled in him since childhood — “the Prince and Princess live happily ever after.”

Then, in 1984, Belinda was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to undergo surgery and radiation therapy. The treatment cured Belinda’s cancer but left her in debilitating pain. Doctors said there was nothing they could do for Belinda’s pain, which would “stay the same or get worse.”

A picture of Belinda and Larry Wurn.

Larry refused to accept that things would not work out for the Prince and Princess. Unsatisfied with doctors’ answers, the Wurns took matters into their own hands and began investigating the root cause of Belinda’s pain. They found that adhesions, or internal scars that form as the first step in the body’s healing process, were the answer.

Immersing themselves in manual therapy courses, Larry and Belinda went on to develop a unique protocol of manual techniques, the Wurn Technique, to treat adhesions. Belinda’s pain began to subside and she was able to resume her work as a physical therapist.

Fast forward 20 years — the Clear Passage team continues using the Wurn Technique to treat adhesions and the many conditions they cause, including infertility, chronic pain, bowel obstruction and sexual dysfunction. Working in conjunction with a team of research advisors, Clear Passage therapists are helping patients from all over the world return to a life free of pain and dysfunction — without using surgery or drugs.

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