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holiday logoAs the new year approaches, we cannot help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with our patients and to see them thrive. Nothing feels better than making a lasting impact on their lives and helping them achieve their goals.

We thank you for your continued support. From all of us at Clear Passage, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Meet the Therapist: Sharon Hepburn, PT

We are pleased to welcome Sharon Hepburn, PT to the Clear Passage family! Sharon is the director of the Clear Passage location in St. Louis, MO.

Sharon’s focus is individualized treatment and listening deeply to each person to maximize the opportunity for healing to occur. As a Clear Passage therapist, she particularly enjoys the opportunity to get to know her patients on a deep level as they work together to achieve the patient’s goals. Click the video below to hear from Sharon.

Releasing Emotional Pain: Molly’s Infertility Story

Portrait of serious young blonde woman looking at camera with copy spaceLet me first say I always wanted children and I always wanted to have a family. I never thought I wouldn’t. My struggle to have children began with personal issues from my childhood. I had to change my thinking before my body and emotions would allow me to get pregnant and have a baby.

When I married at age 22, I was ready to start a family. However, my husband and I wanted to be in the right emotional and financial state. It was until New Years Eve of 2000, when I was 35, that we finally decided to start our family. My husband had a new job, I had a master’s degree, and our new home was finally completed.

However, my body now wanted to stop my heart from joy…we could not get pregnant. Every month, we kept seeing my period. I was completely devastated. Click here to continue reading Molly’s story…

What Patients Are Saying About Clear Passage

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