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Improving Quality of Life for SIBO patients

We are thrilled to have started working alongside leading SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) experts, including Dr. Allison Siebecker, Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis and other noted physicians, this year. Adhesions can squeeze the intestine from the outside or block it from within, creating a build-up of SIBO bacteria above the adhered site; thus, our focus on treating adhesions is a critical part of resolving SIBO. By clearing abdominal adhesions in SIBO patients, we significantly increase the likelihood that their physicians will be able to successfully treat the overgrowth, without recurrence. Learn more about our treatment for SIBO.

What Patients Are Saying About Clear Passage

  • Former NBC and Fox-TV anchor Linda Vester, talks about her struggle with secondary infertility and what treatment at Clear Passage is like.

  • Five years after he initially received our treatment, a bowel obstruction patient who now moderates our online support forum talks to us about escaping the vicious cycle of ‘surgery-adhesions-surgery’ — and no longer living with the thought “Is today going to be the day I’m going to die?” Read the interview.
  • For years, Mark found himself at the mercy of debilitating migraines, which were preventing him from being able to work and live his life. We were thrilled to hear that he has not had a single migraine since receiving therapy.

I Love Clear Passage Because…Judith Landhausser 1

“I like to help patients get an understanding of what is happening to their body and give them the ability to lead the life they would like to lead, by giving them empowerment and control of their issues.”

-Judith Landhausser, Physiotherapist (London)