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An article by Raul Weston, M.D. that recently appeared in the Chicago Tribune, “Seek out a trained specialist to treat your chronic pain,” examines the differences between health care professionals trained in and focused on pain management and providers of ‘miracle cures’ that are not rooted in science.

Weston emphasizes the following:

  • the need for evidence-based solutions for treating chronic pain, as “only therapies that have been properly tested through accepted medical research and review can be relied upon to provide relief.”
  • the importance of being wary of “fad medicine” or “miracle” therapies. Weston says that “at best, these experimental techniques merely temporarily mask the pain, and then it returns.”

He also advises patients to “never be afraid to ask what makes your doctor qualified to treat you for your condition. A qualified physician will be glad you asked.” The Clear Passage Physical Therapy team couldn’t agree more. We have over 20 years experience treating chronic pain and pride ourselves on working with some of the finest, most experienced manual therapists in the U.S. in each of our location cities. As of 2013, our therapists average over 23 years’ experience in manual physical therapy and the results of their work have been published in top medical journals.

Chronic pain treatmentPrior to being invited to participate in our training and certification process, a therapist must treat one of our founders, Larry or Belinda Wurn, and demonstrate superior manual therapy skills.

Training begins with a month-long study of a 600+ page Therapist Training Manual, written by the Wurns and their staff. After one-on-one instruction with the Wurns and their certified instructors, the therapist is rigorously tested. To obtain certification, the therapist must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Manual, including theory, education and performance of more than 200 individual manual techniques. In sum, successful certification depends on:

  • years of experience
  • demonstration of strong manual and palpatory skills
  • knowledge of the subject, conditions and areas we treat

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