The Three Types of Fallopian Tube Blockages


When trying to make treatment choices for fallopian tube occlusion, it is crucial to understand the type of blockage. The success of treatment options vary greatly depending on the location of the blockage. Fallopian tubes can be blocked in three places:

  • Proximal: Near the uterus
  • Medial: In the middle of the tube
  • Distal: At the end of the tube, near the fimbrea

Fallopian tubes that are blocked proximally have the highest success rate for opening with conventional treatment. Doctors generally recommend a procedure in which a catheter is inserted through the uterus into the fallopian tube. Once there,Fallopian Tube Occlusion a balloon can be used to try and open the tube. The success rate for proximally blocked fallopian tubes is high, granting women a window of time to become pregnant.

If the blockage is located medially, it is harder for the doctor to access. Doctors generally recommend laparoscopic surgery, in which adhesions are cauterized and the tube is cut and then rejoined. Because it is a much more complicated procedure and scar tissue can easily grow and block the tube, success rates are lower for medially blocked fallopian tubes.

Fallopian tubes that are blocked distally are the hardest to treat. Because the blockage is located near the delicate fimbrea, a surgeon may not be able to remove adhesions without damaging the fimbrea. Furthermore, the area is harder to access and if adhesions re-grow, they can cover the ovary. Doctors generally do not recommend surgery for this type of blockage because of the success rates and instead offer IVF.

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    We have helped many women with blocked fallopian tubes, opening their tubes and helping them become pregnant. You can find more information about our non-surgical treatment here:
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  2. please reply

    i found out that I have non patent fallopian tubes due to the test i have undergone

  3. We currently do not have a clinic in Pakistan, however patients travel from all over the world travel to our U.S. locations: You may wish to fill out a medical history form ( to receive a complimentary phone consultation with one of our therapists and learn more about our treatment.

  4. hi my wife tubes are blocked the report conclusion is :B/Tubes are blocked at coronal ends is pregnancy possible with out IVF and surgery

  5. We currently have clinic locations in California, Florida, and Washington DC. Many of our patients travel from all over the world to receive this therapy. Treatment can be completed in five consecutive days (Monday-Friday) with 20 hours of hands-on therapy.

    If you are interested in learning more about our locations, you can click here. If you would like to speak to us further about treatment and locations, feel free to call us at 352.336.1433.

  6. We currently only have clinics located in Florida, California, and Washington DC. Patients often travel to our clinics from all over the world to complete one week of therapy. Therapy consists of 20 hours of treatment. This treatment generally begins on Monday and is complete on Friday.

    You can find more location information on this page.

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  7. kindly guide me about the CPT treatment in pakistan.

  8. I’ve been trying to get pregant for 7 yrs, I finallly had a test to find out that my follopian tubes are blocked I believe it was near the promixal area…. I’m now 42 yrs old and want a baby desperately. Do you have any advise.

  9. My wife is suffering with tube blockage problem. I am from Pakistan and belong to a lower class family.From where I can get better treatmment?

    Ghulam Yasin
    Jhang Punjab Pakistan

  10. I’m sorry to hear about your test results. I know this is a difficult time for you. It’s good to look into available treatment options so that you make the decision that is best for you. CPT uses manual physical therapy to open blocked fallopian tubes. If you would like to learn more about it, please visit our website at Take care! – Jackie

  11. i found out that I have non patent fallopian tubes due to the test i have undergone, the hysterogram. laparoscopy
    is the next but then i am totally hesistant, is there any other way to cure my condition? help me out please

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