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We currently have five nationwide clinics with expertly trained therapists. Every member of the Clear Passage Physical Therapy team was selected for their experience, specialties, techniques and their commitment to you the client. We asked our team what they like about being a therapist…

Belinda Wurn, Physical Therapist, National Director of Services It is so incredibly rewarding to witness every week how our patients are able to resume more active and pain-free lifestyles after we treat them. Basically we are giving them their lives back with a much higher quality, richer and fuller, like it used to be. I feel really good about that at the end of every day!-Belinda Wurn, PT, National Director of Services
The ability to heal a person from infertility, debilitating pain, or a life-threatening condition is a deeply moving experience for me, and my patients.  I love creating a treatment that recognizes each patient as an expert in his/her body, and solicits their insights into what is causing their symptoms, and how to unravel the adhesions that bind them. My life has been enriched beyond measure by the wonderful patients who trust us with their lives, and the many great therapists who work here.- Larry Wurn, LMT, Director of Clinical Studies Larry Wurn, LMT, Director of Clinical Studies


Kim Patterson, Physical Therapist Over the last 20 years, I have been inspired because I get to genuinely empower people and connect with them in a loving, compassionate way, not just help them through what they are going through. Having forgotten their own strength, I get to temporarily provide them with the strength and hope they need to carry on, and subsequently the ability to go on independently, feeling not just healed, but stronger, and more courageous.- Kim Patterson, PT | Gainesville, FL

I feel blessed every day to come to work at Clear Passage. After being a therapist for 17 years, I never imagined that I would be helping infertile women conceive, saving people with bowel obstructions from undergoing unnecessary surgeries, and taking patients from states of severe or constant pain to places that are virtually or totally pain-free – in a week! It’s a gift to work with patients in this healing setting and to work with the most skilled therapists in this field. - Evette Reed, PT | Gainesville, FL Evette Reed, Physical Therapist


Amy, Physical Therapist My patients inspire me on a daily basis and the changes that occur during treatment sessions are absolutely amazing. It is a beautiful process to watch a patient meet their personal goals and I am grateful that I am a part of that process.- Amy, PT | Indianapolis, IN

What inspires me to be a therapist? It was in my nature to be a care giver, since I am the oldest of six children. I have always been a visual, tactile and kinesthetic learner, so “soft tissue work is my friend”!- Mary, PT | Irvine, CA Mary, Physical Therapist
Michele, Physical Therapist I have a unique chance as a physical therapist to make a difference in my patients’ lives and see the positive change take effect right before my eyes.  Whether it is through relieving someone’s pain, increasing their function or just seeing the discovery of an “aha moment” through their learning how the body works, I get to be a part of it.  I am grateful to have found a profession where it does not feel like work.- Michele, PT | Denver, CO
Returning people to a healthy, pain free life is what inspires me to be a therapist and why I love what I do.- Kathy, PT | Metro DC Kathy, Physical Therapist
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