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In this video, patients share their experiences with Clear Passage Physical Therapy. Listen as previous patients describe their first impressions of the clinics and their opinions about their daily treatment sessions with their Clear Passage therapists. Our unique manual therapy, the Wurn Technique, is used to naturally treat infertility, obstructions and chronic pain. Hear our patients describe how they felt as a result of the therapy they received at one of our nationwide clinics.


When we got down I knew I was in good hands I just felt comfortable. It was almost a spa feeling, very private, very calming.

The treatment rooms themselves are so neat and clean, and you’re surrounded by soft music and it is just a very, very special place to be.

It was a very relaxed yet professional environment. We were comfortable but we knew that we were in a place where they were practicing a serious therapy and we were in capable hands. I just remember feeling that this is going to work for us. Either way it was going to work for us.

Once I arrived at clear passage I was amazed that how they treated me and how they approached the situation I was in.

Everyone was so nice, I loved my therapists and I loved the atmosphere, it was positive. It was a very positive and nurturing environment, I really felt like everyone was listening to me and making connections. I felt empowered because even if you felt something in a different part of your body you’re all connected. I had a hunch that all along this could be a possibility.

It was very pleasant, the girls were very nice, very gentle and they told me what I should expect. You get a little bit sore. I have experience the hurting pain and the healing pain. What you experience at clear passage is obviously a healing pain so my experience has been nothing but the best.

They want to know everything that had happened to me in my life, all the traumas, the infections the surgeries and they included me in everything – every step that they took from day one.

When Jenny, my wife, was having procedures she was very emotional because it was such a release. She felt a physical and emotional release and I was in the room the entire time with her, I was sitting in a chair just observing and being a part of the energy. I could see she was being healed.

When they were working in the area, I remember feeling just emotional, getting really emotional and I said you know what, I think I’m going to cry now. She said, “That’s ok that we are working on an area that is bringing up some feeling and that’s ok, go ahead and cry.” I just remember experiencing a whole bunch of emotions when they were working on me. I was relaxed and at peace and I just felt like whether this worked or not, this is really good for me.

For the first time in many, many months I was pain free. I had no pain. That is still that situation right now. It has just been amazing to think that you can actually live without pain. I’m looking forward to the rest of my life and it’s because of Clear Passage.

I didn’t want any more surgery because I knew surgery is what caused all the adhesions and it just got so bad that I wasn’t eating, I was at a point where I had what they call a PICC line in my arm and was getting IV nutrition. Before I knew it I was starting to eat, I was eating normally and feeling like a person again. It gave me my life back, no one could believe I had no need for the PICC line and I had it removed several weeks later. It’s fun getting back to normal again. I eat just like you and everyone else

Once I experienced the therapy at clear passage I said you know what, I feel at peace, I feel more in tune with my body and whether or not it’s going to happen we are going to be okay and the fact that we got three healthy children is just amazing.