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A number of people requested to read all the tweets posted from our Share Hope infertility awareness giveaway. We were overwhelmed by the positive responses we received and the community that was built among those who shared their joys, sorrows, and hope.

Share Hope Tweets:

I came to the realization that #infertility will never fight fairly but hope will ALWAYS be on our side #ShareHope

Endo & Infertility has caused so much heartache, that my husbands exact words were “I want my wife back” #Endo #ShareHope#Infertility

I am more aware of those who suffer just like me. Just when we want to give up, DON’T!! Always have hope #ShareHope

Just left church, and today’s message was on hope. God always helps me to find peace #sharehope

Thanks so much for this week! I will take it with me and continue to do what I can with the renewed faith you’ve given me.#sharehope

The blockage in my body can’t block my hope, my courage, or my dreams of possibility. It’s just an obstacle I have to work around.#sharehope

There is something special in store for my husband and I, no mater how we receive #ShareHope

The pain of Infertility can be devastating. But we can’t let it consume us. “Lose not faith, lose not courage, go forward”. #sharehope

Even I don’t completely understand my wifes heartache. All I can do is wipe her tears. not knowing what to say. nor what to do.#sharehope

Summoning strength to be strong for my wife, she’s discouraged. So hard when you can feel your wife’s pain so vibrantly.#sharehope #NIAW

I appreciate everybody who has helped me be a little more okay with being who I am, including #infertile. #ShareHope

#SHAREHOPE sadness pain when will i laugh again.my body aches and i feel so low,what the future holds we will never know,a miracle for me x

Stepping out on faith is a good way to fall and hurt yourself, but it’s also the only way to the other side. Keep stepping out.#sharehope

#sharehope when will i be rewarded,when will my baby come to me,when will the pain go away, when will i suceed. when when when?

It’s not a shame to have hope and dreams unfulfilled, but it is an awful shame not to hope and dream at all.#sharehope

Infertitlity has made me a stronger more faith driven WOMAN! Infertitlity can make everything else that much more managable!!!#sharehope

Every disappointment is an opportunity to learn and a chance to grow. This journey is all about love, hope, and baby steps.#sharehope

I will NEVER give into my infertility! I will nvr let it over take my life w/ sadness! Eventually life will be created within me! #sharehope

I have more love for my future baby than the world has shown for the royal wedding #sharehope

Its crazy to think how many of us women have the courage to tell our story of infertility, cause 4 me at times…its embaressing.#sharehope

Different direction but same destination, yet our lessons come from our journey. Cry when it’s over, & smile because it happened#sharehope

Infertility has never been kind to me but there are many moments when I appreciate the strength that it has given me #ShareHope#NIAW

If I gave in each month and let my infertility take pieces of my spirit what would be left of my strength when my baby arrives?#ShareHope

In order for us to get up and move forward in our battle each day we must first learn how to release what is holding us back#ShareHope

#ShareHope No matter what happens, I am so glad to have learned that I can handle so much more than I ever thought I would have to handle.

I am a warrior, I am a nurturer, and my capacity to love is endless. My arms may be empty now, but I am already a mother!#sharehope

#infertility allows us to connect profoundly with our unborn children. They have a special purpose, & this journey is part of it!#sharehope

Ectopic preg, 5 failed IVF, blocked tube. My heart said don’t give up, even if I can’t get up. Determination is the key! #ShareHope

I Expect the worse, hope for the best, & pray for patience.#ShareHope

I know that someday, somehow – I will get there. I will find a way to parent & this will all have been worth it. #ShareHope #NIAW

I can envision the day when my dream comes to life and all of the wonder in my heart is replaced with joy #ShareHope

Our baby wants us as much as we want them. This is the rapidly thinning distance between creation & existence #sharehope#infertility #NIAW

My hope: when new life is stirring inside when a tiny heartbeat is heard 4 the 1st time & a playful kick tells me I am nvr alone#sharehope

Hey Baby, sorry we’re late, your father wouldn’t stop for directions. I knew it was the LEFT TUBE! Ugh. See you soon. Love Mom.#sharehope

I look toward the future and let my dreams pull me through the difficult moments of infertility #ShareHope #NIAW

the cost to have a baby is no where near the cost it takes to make one. Saving for treatment! 11 years infertile and counting#sharehope

If I said my (our) situation was hopeless, then I’d be slamming the door in the face of God #ShareHope

miracles sometimes come in packages we can unwrap and often the gift is a lesson which gives us strength and lends us new hope#sharehope

unconventional treatment can sometimes bring us back to forgotten knowledge that is then rediscovered wisdom & becomes a new hope #sharehope

#infertility creates an instant community of warriors lifting & encouraging each other. It’s an honor to be among you.#sharehope #NIAW

#sharehope Hope=Faith=Patience=Time=Happy=Love

you know I realized that women who struggle w/TTC appreciate and fall in love more with their baby when finally conceiving!#sharehope

I will always remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better. Giving up is NOT ME! #sharehope

I aim for the stars, because even if I miss, I’ll still be among the stars! We have to keep the faith! #ShareHope

If I face my infertility with the belief in miracles then I know there is always the possibility of experiencing one. #ShareHope #NIAW

38 mo. of trying, dealing with #infertility = 38 mo. of being on the miracle path. This child was amazing before we started.#sharehope

Through the needles, plastic cups, predictor kits, prayers, and mystery teas with eye of newt- remember girl, you are never alone.#sharehope

When I want to give up, my pre-conceived child whispers, “I’m here. Keep going! I can only arrive through you!” #sharehope #NIAW

Through infertility’s challenges, women of strength, humility, and grace are being conceived. I walk beside you, I hold your hand#sharehope

Genesis 21:2 is a passage of hope and dreams #sharehope

#sharehope infertility isn’t for the weak or meek! It’s made me so much stronger than I ever thought I could be.

I could be a mom. my body just doesn’t know it yet. She’ll catch up sooner or later. #niaw #sharehope

dealing with this has taken such a toll on me physically and emotionally, but I can’t give up this dream of mine #sharehope