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Adhesion formation can cause infertility by gluing down delicate tissues and organs and reducing regular function

Adhesion formation can cause infertility by gluing down delicate tissues and organs and reducing regular function.

For many women, the diagnosis of infertility begins a dedicated search for help, hope and healing. Many causes of infertility go undiagnosed while others are diagnosed as blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, or hydrosalpinx. However, in many cases of infertility, the true culprit comes in the form of tiny internal scars called adhesions.

These adhesions form as the bodies first response in the healing process. As adhesions form, they can attach to delicate tissues and organs creating a strong glue-like bond that restricts movement and regular function. This restriction of function causes infertility when adhesions attach throughout the pelvis and reproductive organs.  Adhesions are a particularly difficult condition because they do not appear on most diagnostic tests. Unless the adhesions are extremely large, doctors cannot know they are there unless directly visualized during surgery.

Generally, treatment for adhesions involves a surgical procedure in which the surgeon cuts or burns the adhesive bonds throughout the abdomen. However, due to the trauma and healing process involved in this procedure, adhesions often reform, sometimes worse than before the surgery.

There is a non-surgical solution for treating adhesions called the Wurn Technique®. This treatment is a hands-on physical therapy that has been successful in treating the following:

An Excerpt from ‘Fertility Rates Improve After Addressing Underlying Adhesions’ By Laura Owens

One in eight couples is affected by infertility. Faced with the overwhelming emotional and physical stress of trying to conceive, many couples seek alternative treatments after conventional medicine fails.

The Wurn Technique® is one such approach. Developed by Belinda and Larry Wurn, this treatment is based on manually palpatating blockages caused by adhesions in the body, offering a drug and surgery-free treatment for infertility, chronic pain and a long list of pelvic conditions.