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One aspect I personally love about working with Clear Passage Therapies (CPT) is their continued work and effort towards research and education. The entire CPT team loves to conduct studies, closely follow the progress of patients, and look for ways to improve treatment. Once the CPT team feels that treatment can help or improve a certain condition, we share this news on our website.

Today, a new page was added to our website: C-Section Pain. CPT first began treating c-section pain when women came to the clinic for treatment of secondary infertility (unable to become pregnant after previously conceiving and carrying a child). A large majority of the women had also undergone c-sections and experienced pain at or near their incision sites. Some reported a constant pull near their scar, while others reported persistent pain that started after their c-section and gradually increased.

Our therapists felt that the c-section pain or discomfort these women experienced was tied to their infertility. At CPT, we believe the body functions as a whole; pain and dysfunction in one area is often linked to pain or dysfunction in another area. When our therapists examined the patient’s body, they could feel adhesive patterns near the incision sites, extending down into the uterus. They felt that these adhesions not only caused the woman’s pain, but significantly impaired her fertility. As our therapists worked to reduce the adhesions, the patient reported she no longer experienced pain near their c-section. A few months after treatment, she also became naturally pregnant!

The CPT team began to notice that many women with prior c-sections were reporting decreased pain and improved digestion after treatment for secondary infertility. We continued to follow our patients closely and researched more about how our patients with c-sections could benefit from treatment.  After significant time and work, our therapists can now confidently say they can treat pain and dysfunction associated with c-sections. To celebrate and share the news, the CPT team created a new web page for C-section pain. The CPT team will continue to unveil new web pages over the next month, so keep checking back to see the numerous ways we are researching and developing the field of manual physical therapy.