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When you go to see a general practitioner with a set of health complaints, he or she will certainly want to hear your list of symptoms. But when it comes time to specifically determine the cause or choose a treatment option, some doctors feel their patients will be better served by a specialist.

While specialists can certainly be helpful, the “referral routine” quickly becomes tiresome when you are passed from specialist to specialist with unexplained pain or dysfunction. Specialists can thoroughly examine the problem from their perspective and provide answers, but sometimes, they cannot catch connections between different bodily systems or distant structures. It is certainly not their fault; specialists are experts in one area and are trained to examine, diagnose, and treat this area day-in and day-out.

A classic example is unexplained infertility. If you are a female and experience problems conceiving, your general practitioner will recommend you speak with a gynecologist. When your gynecologist cannot find a problem, he or she will likely refer you to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). The RE will do a thorough work-up. If the RE cannot find a cause for your infertility, she may recommend various medications or procedures such as IVF.

While this approach certainly works for many women, the RE may miss vital mechanical components between different structures due to their specialist viewpoint. For example, if adhesions cause the pituitary gland to be constricted, they may impair hormonal function and prevent fertility. Our therapists have also treated some women who were in severe car crashes and subsequently experienced unexplained infertility. Although these women didn’t correlate the car accident with their infertility, their therapists noticed severe adhesions that likely formed after the car accident and impaired their fertility.

Unfortunately, specialists sometimes miss these connections. At Clear Passage Therapies, we believe a holistic viewpoint is the best way for us to address the causes of unexplained conditions like female infertility, chronic pain, and sexual dysfunction. Regardless of what condition brings you to CPT for treatment, our therapists thoroughly examine the entire body for restrictions, imbalances, and adhesions. They then work to resolve anything abnormal they find. It is this approach that has led CPT to help over 250 women conceive and led hundreds of others out of chronic pain and dysfunction.

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