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Hi, I am Evette D’Avy Reed. I am a therapist at Clear Passage Physical Therapy in Gainesville, Florida. I enjoy being a therapist. Every day I that I work on a patient, I help them achieve their goals. It’s been a blessing since I graduated from physical therapy school to be able to help people get close to whatever goal they are working towards. I’ve worked in in home health, outpatient, hospital, and rehab settings. At Clear Passage Physical Therapy, I leave here every day feeling like I have made such a huge impact on the lives of the people who come here for help. I’ve never been able to help people with their pain to the degree that I have been able to help people since going through the training here.

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A Walk-Through of the Treatment at Clear Passage Physical Therapy

A lot of patients want to know what treatment feels like to the therapists. Can we feel when something lets go or adhesions release? Yes, the therapist can feel that. A lot of the time it feels like butter melting or taffy stretching. As that happens, we just follow the direction or the depth that that tissue releases. A lot of the patients say it feels like it’s burning a little bit or a stretch. Sometimes things feel uncomfortable, but if the patient lets us know, we will always work within their tolerance level. The first hour of therapy is an evaluation by a physical therapist. We look at you from head to toe, no matter what the reason is for you coming here for treatment. We evaluate your neck, back, hips and shoulders. We feel with our hands for restrictions in the abdominal organs and the pelvic organs. After we have done that thorough evaluation and, of course, listened to you and your history, we make sure that we have a thorough understanding of what is going on with you. We know where we need to start our treatment. We don’t just focus on one area of the body. We work from head to toe. We tell people that there is not going to be an area of your body that we don’t touch. That’s how we work.

As the week goes on, we go over exercise and stretches that are appropriate for that patient to do when they go home. We also go over self-treatment. If there any areas that are an issue or a problem, you know what you can do to continue to progress after you leave. At the very last session, we do a discharge assessment and go through and reassess the things we looked at on the first visit. That way, not only do you have an idea of the progress that was made while you were here, it’s all written down just in case you’re submitting your paperwork to an insurance company.  A lot times, people are interested to see what’s changed. It’s astounding to me. Let’s say you would typically never work on stretching your hamstrings, but by working on releasing your hamstring or pelvic adhesions, your body changes.  Or, similarly, if there was little time spent on your neck. How something that is holding you down in your pelvis or abdomen can effect an area of your body that you might be thinking is completely on the other side of your body.

It blows me away every Friday when I do a discharge, how much progress people make here at Clear Passage Physical Therapy.