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A previous Clear Passage patient shares his ongoing struggle with recurring small bowel obstructions and his desperate search for an alternative to surgery. He describes how he discovered the answer to stop the cycle of small bowel obstructions after placing his health in the capable hands at Clear Passage.


Before I came to Clear Passage I was partially bowel obstructed. That started about eight or nine weeks ago. The first time a doctor told me about adhesions was when I had my first bowel obstruction. The only treatment I was ever offered for my partial bowel obstructions would be surgery where the doctor would laparoscopically go in and actually cut the adhesions. Since my original surgery I have had partial bowel obstructions maybe 10 times, about half of which are the NG tube. I have been looking for an alternative since I first learned about adhesions.

The biggest concern for me with this condition is that if I submit to surgery again it wouldn’t just be my third surgery, there would be a fourth and a fifth until I had nothing left to give. I found Clear Passage while surfing the internet and the webpage was pretty comprehensive in describing what they offer. For the first time I felt that this was a possible solution. The excellent folks at clear passage are totally professional and well trained, wonderful people, they are interested in you as a whole person, not just another case to be solved. I received treatment for a total of 20 hours. I had two one hour sessions in the morning followed by two in the afternoon over the course of five days.

The first time I was able to eat normally was Wednesday evening and I started therapy on Monday. That was the first full meal I had eaten in about eight weeks. I feel I can now begin to resume a normal diet. The relief is of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, because with surgery that light is an approaching train and now I feel it’s a real light. I would strongly encourage anyone who is sitting on the fence about coming to Clear Passage to get off the fence and get yourself a plane ticket and come on down here because you’ll just love the care that you’ll get and you’ll love the people who work with you. It is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself.