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adhesions 101 - what to know before treatment

Adhesions are bands of internal scar tissue that form as we heal from an infection, inflammation, surgery or trauma. Adhesions can cause a number of conditions, including chronic pain, female infertility, bowel obstruction and pelvic problems.

Treating adhesions is at the core of our therapists’ work. To help you better understand how adhesions function, we invite you to listen to our audio visualization “Voyage Through the Body: Adhesions Explained.”

Use the transcript below to follow along as you listen to the visualization.

Adhesions 101: What to Know Before Treatment


Hi, I am Larry Wurn, clinical research director at Clear Passage Physical Therapy and one of the founders. As we start your treatment, I’d like to take you through a visual trip through your body.

I think one of the reasons we are so successful here so often is that we really think of you as an expert in your body. You have lived through and endured all the experiences, traumas, falls and surgeries. All the physical and mental experiences of your life are really very well-known to you — more than any of your providers will ever know, more than your spouse or partner will ever know. We’d like to use your knowledge of your life experiences and your feelings about what is going on inside of your body to understand what you’re feeling when we’re treating you. Similarly, we’d like you to understand what we are doing and what we are feeling when we treat you so that you and your therapist can be on the same page. This provides you with a theoretical framework and understanding of the structure that we are treating.

There is no smoke and mirrors about what we do. It’s just a mechanical process that breaks down adhesions. So I want you to understand that, and I want you to be able to converse intelligently and appropriately with your therapist so that you both of you can act closely together as a team.

A couple of practical points before we start…Let us know what you are feeling and thinking. This work can get your attention sometimes.  We’d like to know what you’re feeling. If you can give us feedback on a scale of 0 to 10 –“You know, when you’re treating me there — I’m at about a 5 or 4. Or, “you’re getting up to about an 8. Can you lighten up?” “Okay, you’re back at a 4 again. That feels pretty good.” That way, we know and understand more specifically what you are feeling inside your body.  Your therapist has excellent hands. She has a vast amount of experience, but if you ever find yourself thinking “You know, that’s almost the place but if you were an inch to the right or on the other side…” — please tell us that.

Similarly, if we are treating somewhere and you feel it somewhere else in your body, please tell us. If the therapist is treating a certain spot and it reminds you of when you slid into second base at 12 years old and pulled that area — let us know. It may seem silly to you, but it often gives us valuable information and insights.

One thing I have learned after 25 years of doing this is that people have good insights and knowledge of their bodies. What you feel about your body and your intuition about what’s going on is so often “right on.”  So, we want to hear from you.

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