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Back and hip pain that has persists for more than three months is considered chronic.

Back and hip pain that has persists for more than three months is considered chronic.

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Often times chronic back pain is caused by adhesions that form after a trauma, surgery, infection or inflammation. These traumas could include a fall from a horse when you were young, a kidney infection, or an inflammation. There are a number of healing events that could be contributing to your chronic back and tailbone pain. When adhesions form, they often attach to nearby tissues and organs causing restriction and pain.

Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

There are three main treatments for chronic back pain:

  1. Pain killers (medication)
  2. Surgery
  3. Physical Therapy (the Wurn Technique)


I had a fall almost 10 years ago and initially afterwards went through acute pain and then it started getting better and then year after year with my job, a lot of twisting and turn has made it more and more debilitating. The low back pain that I have that runs down my leg, has become more significant over time, certain times of the month certainly it gets much worse than other times. It is ever present whatever I’m doing. It just seems like it’s getting worse and worse over time.

My experience with clear passage has been incredible, it has been life altering. I had no idea how much my life would be altered by not having back pain all the time. Just feeling 10 years younger is a load of my back. Within the first day of being treated my pain level went from probably about 70% to about 10% within the first day. You can feel them healing you. I can’t believe I’m pain free. Is this really how I’m going to be? I thought I was going to be debilitated for the rest of my life or have some pain because I thought I’m 35, you know I’m just getting older and this pain is just here.

What I didn’t know is that adhesions are like Lego blocks being built and getting worse and worse. This week they have been taking away each layer of the Lego blocks and it’s down to nothing now. I’m glad to have the knowledge that there are other options besides surgery for adhesions or a frozen pelvis. There are options out there besides using what we’re taught in the medical model and just doing things with surgery or with pain medicines. There are certainly other options. The therapists that I saw were extremely respectful, gentle, but yet firm with the things that they needed to do. There was constant communication which was exactly what I want because I still want to be in power of my body.